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Georgia’s Early College Initiative

There are currently ten Early Colleges in Georgia. Each school is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the students in the local community it serves. Early Colleges may be found on a high school or college campus; in a rural, suburban or urban setting. The curriculum varies among schools to meet the requirements of Department of Education and the school’s local partner college or university.

All Georgia’s Early Colleges share a common goal: to raise the high school and college graduation rates for students traditionally underserved in Georgia.

The Goals of the Georgia Early College Initiative

Goal 1: To increase college readiness and college success of high school graduates traditionally underserved in Georgia.

Goal 2: To develop and test model programs for young people that get better results, are more coherent and less duplicative, and make possible a shorter time to complete an Associate Degree or two years of college.

Goal 3: To study the effectiveness of the Early College model for reducing the high school dropout rate and increasing the college admission and college success rate of African American males, Hispanic students and other traditionally underserved students.

Goal 4: To replicate throughout Georgia the successes of Early College.

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